The Move In.

Google Maps Street View image of Cherry Creek Square Apartments, showing the front facade and surrounding street area.

Hello, Cherry Creek adventurers! Randy here, your guide and fellow traveler through the sometimes hilarious, occasionally hair-raising world of apartment living. Let’s rewind to the summer of 2020, a time when the world was turning upside down, and I was about to make a leap of faith into Cherry Creek Square Apartments.

The Leap into the Unknown

Imagine this: choosing your next home solely through the lens of Google Maps and a handful of optimistic reviews. Sounds risky? Maybe. But with its central location, dog-friendly vibes (thanks to the dog run I spotted online), and a price tag that didn’t make my wallet cry, Cherry Creek Square seemed like a pretty good bet.

A Dog-Friendly Community? Paws and All!

As a dog lover and owner, the presence of a dog run at Cherry Creek Square Apartments was a major draw for me. It conjured up visions of a welcoming community where my four-legged companion and I could feel at home. The affordability and the options of choosing between a cozy one-bedroom and a more spacious two-bedroom apartment added to the appeal. However, it wasn’t long before I discovered that the dog-friendly amenities came with their own set of challenges – namely, the ubiquitous poo piles that were far more than just cherries on top.

The Reality? An Unscripted Sitcom

Air conditioning unit precariously placed on a piece of cardboard, depicting poor repair standards

Fast forward to moving in. What unfolded over the next several months was nothing short of a sitcom – if sitcoms included neighborly disputes, unexpected visits from the police, and a front-row seat to the trials and tribulations of apartment maintenance (or the lack thereof).

Mountains of Trash, Broken Vehicles, and… False Evictions?Image of large piles of trash partially obscured by snow, highlighting neglect and poor upkeep.

From mountains of trash that seemed to have lives of their own to the graveyard of broken vehicles, the landscape around Cherry Creek Square was, well, unique. And let’s not forget the false eviction notices – nothing screams “functional management” like a heart-stopping piece of paper on your door!

Documenting the Journey

As I navigated through these quirky, sometimes concerning experiences, I did what any sensible person in the 21st century would do – I documented it. Photos, videos, official documents; you name it, I’ve got it. And I’m here to share it all with you.

What’s to Come

‘The Move In’ is just the beginning. Through this blog, I’ll take you on a journey through the ins and outs of life at Cherry Creek Square. Expect stories that will make you laugh, shake your head, and maybe even widen your eyes in disbelief.

So, buckle up, dear reader. It’s going to be an entertaining ride.

Important Note to Readers

In recounting the stories and experiences from my time at Cherry Creek Square Apartments, I want to clarify that during my residency, the property was managed by Wheelhouse Apartments, under the administration of Portus, LLC. Since my time there, the management has changed hands, and the property is now overseen by a different management company (name to be updated later).

I feel it’s important to acknowledge that some of the issues I encountered may have been addressed or resolved by the current management. My tales reflect a period specific to the previous management’s tenure and should not be viewed as indicative of the current state or practices under the new management.

The purpose of “Cherry Creek Chronicles” is not only to share my personal experiences but also to illustrate the dynamic nature of apartment living and how changes in management can impact the community. While I can speak to the past, the present situation under the new management might tell a different story, one which I hope has seen improvements and positive changes for the residents of Cherry Creek Square Apartments.